Who We Are?

Petro Pardazesh Aria Kish (PPAK) is an independent petroleum technology and service corporation. Our mission is to give advice for the best use of available technologies and to develop game changing solutions where potential is seen. Our ambition is to contribute to improved recovery of already recognized hydrocarbon resources and to enforce environmentally safe strategies for abandonment of wells. Founded in 2017, the main goal is to provide technical support and operational assistance to oil and gas companies. We apply innovative approaches to technology which helps us unlock and maximize energy sources from even the most remote and difficult environments The Asmary group companies forming the PPAK have vast experience in almost all aspects of petroleum exploration and exploitation studies, including but not limited to Geology, Geophysics, Reservoir, Production, Drilling and Software. We have compliance mechanisms that are continually improved Good corporate governance and compliance practices are a pillar of our business. Our priority is to be guided by ethics, integrity, and transparency at all times.