Drilling and Well Engineering

Petro Pardazesh Aria Kish Co. (Aria) has key expertise within well construction and operations and Special competency is within well integrity management for safe drilling and optimized well completion. Research for out-of-the-box solutions and fit-for-purpose engineering are cornerstones in our search for drilling and well efficiency.

ARIA is a partner with PRORES (Norwegian Company) and user of the WellMaster software for well integrity management.

Life cycle well integrity is a key for safety and cost efficiency in new field development and rejuvenation projects. ARIA can do studies on this issue for mapping of failures and potential risk, including investigation of root causes and for proposing of mitigation and remediation measures. ARIA has studied the challenges related to complete mud loss in depleted reservoirs.

Drilling and Well department focused on:

  1. drilling engineering include of well planning and cost estimation & providing technical support and audit during the drilling process
  2. design of casing strings and cementing plans, directional drilling plans, drilling fluids programs, and drill string and drill bit programs
  3. new technologies in drilling industries
    • expandable tubular technology
    • performance drilling
    • mpd (managed pressure drilling)
    • smart completion
    • directional drilling with rss tools
  4. managing of all kind of drilling operations
  5. drilling rig & project procurements (rig components and auxiliary tools)
  6. developing contracts with vendors
  7. preparing drilling tenders documents (technical & commercial docs)
  8. risk assessment/decision analysis in drilling projects
  9. ability to co-ordinate, implement and run marketing research projects, promotional & advertising campaigns