FALL (Foam Assisted Liquid Loading)

Generally FALL (Foam Assisted Liquid Loading) is designed to foam the water in the tubing, therefore allowing the formation pressure to unload the fluid from the well. Natural gas bubbling through the water-column, produces foam which can help remove water from watered-up gas wells.

Presence of water in the well increases the hydrostatic head and leads to reduction of production rate. There are several techniques for removing the liquid from the well, like Nitrogen gas lifting but it needs well intervention and consequently costs much more.


  1. Shut-in the well and drop FALL through a lubricator.
  2. Wait 45 seconds or until FALL contact top of fluid.
  3. Slowly return well to normal production.
  4. Repeat procedure if or when it becomes necessary.



  • In high rate wells (after FALL) flow well at about 25% of pretreatment rate for 30 minutes or until foam reaches surface then return to normal rate.
  • In shallow or low rate wells, leave well flowing while dropping FALL if possible.


FALL Advantages

We have used a novel chemical ensuring the stability of the foam and the lifting efficiency. This chemical benefits us through:

  • Foam Stability facing high temperature/salinity
  • Enhancing foam density and liquid loading
  • Applicable in both water and hydrocarbon phase
  • Avoiding gas channeling through viscosity enhancement