Lower-Edge Completion Design-A New Approach

Open-hole solutions with slotted liner and swellable packers for zonal isolation are frequently used in oil producers all around the world with good results, especially in slanted and horizontal wells where optimized reservoir exposure is critical. The advantage of this completion solution is:

  • Simplified and cost-effective completion operation
  • Improved reservoir exposure and reduced skin
  • Improved connectivity to natural fracture systems

With a careful design, experience shows that the completion method has improved the well productivity and thus increased the oil recovery. The completion solution should be well suited for natural fractured reservoirs with well productivity challenges.  ARIA/PRORES proposes the new completion approach as:

1. Feasibility study

  • Identify and review of a candidate field: A candidate field will be selected through a discussion with Client. Two or three wells will be nominated for technology screening and evaluation focusing on the challenges as experienced. 
  • Conceptual proposal: A conceptual proposal will be given for a new approach to reservoir completions with use of a slotted liner and swellable packers. The purpose is to avoid damaging of natural fracture networks by a conventional cemented liner and wrong position of the perforated intervals.
  • Operational aspects: Evaluation of means to manage well clean-up/unloading, inflow and lift performance, chemical & mechanical stimulation, water shut-off, and gas coning in an open-hole completion.
  • Technology road map: A technology road map will be given including identification of potential service providers, and opportunities to manufacture completion components in Iran. 
  • Benchmarking: Existing completion approach versus new proposal in terms of productivity, functionality, operations and maintenance, and economics. 
  • Proposal for engineering phase: A detailed scope of work for the engineering study phase will be provided in cooperation with client.

2. Engineering Study

The delivery of phase 2 is a detailed engineering study for the reservoir completion system, including the following tasks:

  • Selection of pilot well candidates: close discussion with Client to select suitable well candidates for piloting. The wells should be chosen from a scheduled Client drilling campaign. 
  • Reservoir completion planning: a detailed program is prepared for reservoir completion including: completion components, swellable packer, configuration of slotted liner, torque and drag calculations, hydraulic modeling, time and cost estimation, risk assessment, and operational procedure. 
  • Recommendation for equipment selection and vendor(s): fit-for-purpose equipment and tools for reservoir completion are recommended. Vendors should be selected based on high and reliable tools and services and cost efficiency. 
  • Plan for data acquisition, production optimization and performance evaluation: a detailed program is prepared for benchmarking of production performance, to be able to compare well productivity with conventional completion (cemented liner). Other aspects such as; reliability and durability of the system and operating cost will be compared.

3. Project Execution

The objective of phase 3 is implementation of the technology in nominated wells on Client fields. The technology will be qualified in terms of monitoring and data acquisition and analysis to compare well productivity with the analog wells completed with conventional cemented liner. The deliverables are technical support and technology evaluation. The phase covers following tasks:

  • Operational support and follow-up: the technology will be implemented and installed with wellsite supervision by ARIA / PRORES. The company provide operational expertise to ensure a safe and efficient operation and installation. 
  • Well productivity evaluation: The production team will gather and analysis the production data for interpretation and evaluation to demonstrate the added value of the technology. If the pilot campaign is successful a broader use in Iranian fields should be considered.
  • Project reporting: A final project report will be prepared and handed over to Client.