Mission and Vision


Our vision is to see the energy industry transformed through our graduates and researchers by translating fundamental scientific discovery into applied industry applications. The growing demand for energy inspires and strengthens our purpose to steadily drive for new solutions and push boundaries towards a sustainable energy future. We apply innovative approaches to technology which helps us unlock and maximize energy sources from even the most remote and difficult environments. Our fully integrated value chain spans from exploration to marketing, logistics to technological infrastructures, with operations in over 50 countries around the world.


Our aims are to:

  • Produce Engineers who are grounded in the fundamental sciences, able to create innovative solutions and ready to lead their teams, their companies and the industry,
  • Do Research that challenges industry practice, creates innovative technology and informs thinking about Oil industry across Iran and around the world.
  • Bringing fundamental science to bear on engineering problems
  • Doing Multi-scale thinking
  • Doing Multi-ethnic and multi-disciplinary teams
  • Be Excellence in teaching and research
  • Be Impartiality in advice
  • Have Environmental and social responsibility
  • Have Professionalism in our staff and students
  • Collaborate with researchers and industry, government and the community

We have compliance mechanisms that are continually improved Good corporate governance and compliance practices are a pillar of our business. Our priority is to be guided by ethics, integrity, and transparency at all times. We have implemented a new management and governance model and have endeavored to ensure process compliance and improve measures, detection, and correction mechanisms that prevent deviations from ethics. This new model led to the review of the company’s organizational structure and decision-making process that resulted in the merging of areas, centralization of activities, approval of new integrity criteria for selecting executives, increased manager accountability for results and decisions, and elimination of individual approval limits, among others. These measures contribute to the company’s goal of being a benchmark in ethics and integrity.

ARIA has been improving process compliance to, among other objectives, strengthen ethics, integrity, and transparency in its business, focusing on adherence to internal and external laws, standards, and regulations.