Production Optimization

The ultimate goal of virtually all effort spent on modeling a petroleum field is to devise an optimal strategy to develop, manage, and operate the field. For some petroleum fields, optimization of production operations can be a major factor in increasing production rates and reducing production costs. While for single wells or other small systems simple nodal analysis may be adequate, large complex systems demand a much more sophisticated approach to predict the response of a large complicated production system accurately and to examine alternative operational scenarios efficiently

The Production Optimization Services team delivers measurable performance improvements to oil and gas assets worldwide. Our experts in multiple disciplines understand the industry and your challenges. They apply proven methods, software, and technology to deliver the answers you need for effective decision making.

  1. Rapid field screening services

Engineering analysis services extract value from historical data to intelligently identify and rank candidate opportunities. We mine your data to create and rank candidate opportunities for workovers, infill drilling, artificial lift, and enhanced oil recovery.

  1. Asset modeling services

Modeling services simulate, predict, and optimize production performance to maximize asset value. We construct and integrate optimized models from the reservoir to sales point for field development planning, FEED studies, debottlenecking, field redevelopments, and operations optimization.

  1. Operations management services

Production operation management services enable proactive asset management with production management systems that continuously detect, diagnose, and remedy production problems and improve operational performance.