Reservoir Simulation Studies

Petro Pardazesh Aria Kish offers full-scale reservoir simulation in relation to its services to the oil and gas industry. Our simulation services provide the oil and gas industry with a powerful tool to increase recovery, minimize risks and add low-cost barrels to existing production facilities. Our services include:

  • Production optimization, optimization of inflow devices, well planning and optimization of water injection strategies.
  • Analysis of tracer data from chemical tracers and implementation of data in existing reservoir models.
  • Modelling of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in reservoir models such as polymer, CO2 or steam injection.
  • Simulations of microbial growth for microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) and assessing microbial induced corrosion (MIC) risks.
  • Construction of reservoir models from seismic data and/or history matching.
  • Prediction and moderation of water and gas coning.

Need help to combat fractures in tight, fractured reservoirs?

Highly fractured reservoirs often have high water-cuts and low recovery factors due injection water bypassing hydrocarbons in the matrix. In combination with DTI’s water tracers, reservoir simulations be used to determine fracture connections, recirculation rate and volumes of the fractures.
This information provides valuable information for upcoming conformance treatments.