Software Development

There are various available software in the field of petroleum industry, which are presented for specific jobs. However, some of them need to be changed for particular jobs or based on the client request. This is the first thing that we present here.

In addition to software adjustment or plug-in development for available items, Aria is intending to develop applicable and handy software for rapid using in the field of petroleum engineering. Android or IOS software will help the operators, engineers and managers to take an overview on the data, plot them, conduct routine calculation.

In the Software development process for creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components, we are doing following items:

Specifying: First of all, it is necessary to specify things belong to the project. It is mostly related to the field of activity. For instance in the area of well logging we need showing all the results in a log, this could be available through a mobile app. Another example of mobile app is the SORAL app, provided by Aria, which is related to the planning, testing and data gathering for RCAL activity. The requested modules for the software should be clarified in this section.

Designing: The software design intends to accomplish the goals. It should be user friendly and easily applicable in all the fields.

Programming: The most important step in the software development is the programming section. All the software modules should be coded correctly to carry out specific functions and computing tasks.

Documenting: The documents provided with the software includes the product introduction, requirement document, user manual and technical document.

Testing: The developed software should be tested to indicates that it meets the requirements that guided its design and development, responds correctly to all kinds of inputs, performs its functions within an acceptable time, is sufficiently usable, can be installed and run in its intended environments, and achieves the general result its stakeholders desire.

Bug fixing and Debugging: The defects and problems with the software will be found and resolved in this step. In this steps, in addition to the software checking in Aria, the feedback gathered from the clients and users will be considered in the software developments. This step is an ongoing process.

Maintenance: The modification of the software and addition of some features will be done in this step.